Building a positive relationship at every stage of formal education is an essential element in maintaining the campus spirit. Corevo is a digital signage system that caters to all the needs of educational institutions from end to end.

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Door Screens for Instant Information Sharing

Create an effective communication network between you and your students using screens placed on classroom doors, conference halls, and corridors. Share class information, event announcements, educational updates, and emergency notices instantly through these screens

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Student Affairs

Streamline all administrative tasks with a platform that academics and students can actively use for tracking exams, grading systems, and official documents.

Remote Learning and Content Sharing

Enhance educational efficiency with software that allows students to connect to classes live when they can’t attend in person, stores course content, and provides access at any time.

Share Activity Calendars

Announce organizational events and activities within your institution, gather student feedback, and create enjoyable spaces within the school.

Remote Management

Corevo offers remote management capabilities, allowing quick and easy updates for tasks requiring centralized control, student affairs, announcements, and promotional purposes.

Together We Win

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