Digitize your workspace by easily managing reservations with meeting room door screens and other products.

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Digitize Your Meeting Rooms

Enables you to create efficient workspaces by saving time and space. It offers rich application alternatives and ease of use, allowing you to plan and manage your meetings effectively.

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Plan, Share and Manage

After planning your meeting with your personalized account, you can reserve an available room and quickly share it with your colleagues. When your meeting ends early or late, you can easily determine the room’s availability status with a single touch, avoiding any confusion.

Meeting Inventory Management

To ensure the adequacy of video conferencing, presentation, and other equipment you need during meetings and prevent any malfunctions, you can check the reserved room in advance and notify the relevant departments.

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Centralized Control

When you need to make changes to meeting room availability, timing, content, or participants, you can log into your booking account from any computer to make adjustments and ensure they appear on all screens.

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Advanced Reporting and Analysis System

Simplifies data storage and tracking, allowing you to access all numerical data, charts, and comments from your meetings when needed. This feature helps you compare notes, reduce additional work, and facilitate task management.

Map and Location Sharing

By sharing your company’s layout and meeting room locations on screens, you can provide convenience to visitors and share information about the rooms.

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Powerful Integrations

Compatible with various calendar systems like MS Exchange, Fidelyo, Lotus Notes, Rezervation Software reflects changes and developments in real-time on screens. It is also compatible with computers, tablets, and phones for monitoring. You can enhance your meeting rooms from end to end with Barco ClickShare wireless presentation system, Samsung Flip Smart Board, and Unisign Socket Box.

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Create Information Points

Establish interactive information points in your workspace using 32″, 40″, 48″, 55″, and 75″ touchscreens. With this application, you can handle registration, check-in, and check-out processes for your guests and employees, make announcements, provide information, offer guidance, and welcome visitors.

Discover LED Technology

By positioning products as meeting room door screens, you can enhance productivity by tracking workflow. The LED light technology on screens allows the observation of meeting status from outside. Choose the most suitable product from alternative size options and strengthen your corporate identity with branding, logos, and color applications.

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Technical Support Request

In case of device malfunctions or technical issues in the meeting room, you can quickly get assistance by submitting a support request via your mobile application or the screens.

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Catering Service

During your meetings or personal work, you can easily order a meal service with a single touch. Host your guests in the best way possible with quick and easy orders without disrupting your meeting flow. You can place an order before the meeting time and decide on the service time that suits you.

System Compatibility

Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and SSSP infrastructures, it activates all devices for the most effective operation.

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