Discover the Corevo Patient Information System, designed to transform the hospital experience and enhance communication.

Learn more about our services and benefits below, and take your hospital operation to the next level!

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Information Screens

You can provide detailed information about your doctors’ specialties, academic backgrounds, and expertise, as well as share your patients’ appointment times, queue numbers, and estimated wait times.

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Reduce Perceived Wait Times

We understand that patients often get bored while waiting at the hospital. To make this time more enjoyable, you can broadcast weather updates, TV programs, news, or promotional content.

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Emergency Announcements

Use Unisign Patient Information Software to announce emergencies within the hospital, call doctors, and guide patients.

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Instead of traditional signs, use screens to provide directions to necessary areas and rooms within the hospital, making it easy to update information whenever needed.

Boost Staff Productivity

By using screens for communication and announcements, you can create faster and more dynamic working environments within the hospital, facilitating effective communication with staff.

Create Advertising Spaces

Position screens within the hospital to advertise and promote efficiently, generating additional revenue while making the most of your screens at a cost-effective rate.

Together We Win

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