To make the time spent inside elevators more effective and enjoyable. With its powerful integration, centralized management, and easy update features, it offers a user-friendly platform.

Make Time Fun

You can make waiting for and traveling between floors more enjoyable by sharing content. Keep your guests or residents entertained with the latest news, weather updates, exchange rates, videos, and visual content.

Real-time sharing

Minimize perceived wait times by sharing real-time date/time, breaking news, exchange rates, weather information, multimedia content, and visuals on elevator screens.

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Ease with use with every points

Information screens that can be easily positioned inside and outside the elevator cabin help you effectively convey your message during short trips and create prestigious spaces.

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Floor Information and Layout Sharing

On the screens, you can provide information about elevator availability, floor information, and estimated wait times, as well as share detailed information about floor plans and rooms.

Customizable Theme Options

Strengthen your corporate identity with color and logo designs tailored to your brand. Enjoy dynamic screens with an easily updatable theme structure.

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Emergency Announcements

Instantly communicate technical issues, emergency announcements, and necessary updates through the announcement system to minimize accident risks and enhance safety.

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Advanced Integrations

Unisign Elevator Information Software supports a robust infrastructure system that includes 3G WiFi and Ethernet connections, as well as Windows, Android, and SSSP platforms.

Together We Win

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